Fire and Smoke Restoration Miami

The devastation of fire and smoke damage is the most traumatizing loss that property owners and businesses will ever experience; it not only affects material possessions, but can be emotionally damaging as well. Fires can happen at any time and can originate from many sources, including stoves, ovens, BBQ grills, electric heaters, gas heaters, fire places and candles to name a few. The fire and smoke damage professionals at Water N Fire Recovery are prepared to help you regain your property and give you a sense of security with our specialized fire restoration services.

Fire and smoke restoration is a complex and difficult process. There are health concerns, such as toxic gases that are released when construction materials, solvents and glues are burned in a fire. Restoring fire damaged property isn't a job that amateurs can do; it’s best left up to the professionals.

Our qualified technicians provide fire restoration services that remove soot, ash and smoke odors. Water N Fire Recovery will help you sort through the process of what may be restored and what needs to be discarded. At Water N Fire Recovery, we understand how overwhelming the task can be to restore your home or business after a fire, let us help you find the right solution.

And remember that when disaster strikes we are here for you. Water N Fire Recovery is on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week! Call us at any time.

State-of-the-art treatment for air purification and deodorization after a fire damage
Soot on Ceiling from fire damage
Improves indoor air quality, prevents the release particulates which can irriate breathing and carry heavy odor
Fire and Smoke Restoration

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